Customizing Your Safety Net

The insurance industry's plans and policies can seem complex and expensive, making it difficult to understand exactly what you're buying. We make it our business it to find the right insurance for your individual needs, presenting clear and evident value, whether that means personal insurance, business insurance or estate planning.

If you're like most of our clients, you want to know how much insurance you need. What type is best for you, your family or business. How to qualify for affordable life insurance rates.

Clients that already have coverage commonly ask: Is this the right coverage for my situation? How do the policies that I have work?

Our advisors will lead you through the planning process for your business and family needs. We evaluate insurance from the country's most reputable providers, reviewing various plans and product options to find the right choices for you.

Most agencies lack the experience and skills required for individualized underwriting. DHG Agency has both, plus strategic partners ready to advocate with underwriters. This individualized approach to risk has produced decades of superior underwriting results for our clients.

According to the Social Security Administration, over one-quarter of Americans entering the workforce will be disabled before they retire. The effects of disability can devastate a family's lifestyle and net worth — you're more likely to be disabled than to die, which makes disability insurance more critical than you may realize.

We can help you protect your financial planning, so you have income even if you become sick or disabled.

A primary concern of middle-aged Americans today is "Who is going to take care of me when I am older or just can't take care of myself?" Long term care insurance may be the answer to ensure you have control of the type of care you want to have, provide assets, and reduce the burden of your care on family.

We help you review your options, including traditional plans or life insurance/long term care hybrid policies. We can also talk about self-funding your care. The need for long term care can change in an instant, so we recommend anticipating and planning for it.

With better medical care and longer life expectancies, you do well to make sure you don't outlive your assets. According to Vanguard, if a couple lives to be 65, there's a 72% chance that one of them will live to be 85 and a 45% chance that one will reach 90.

With retirements lasting 30-plus years, annuities are often the right tool to protect your assets and quality of life. The market offers hundreds of accumulation and income annuities. Because annuities tend to be complex, you need an advisor who understands your needs to recommend the appropriate choice.

We provide the design and implementation for your risk management plan, addressing the following concerns:

  • Estate liquidity
  • Buy-sell funding
  • Key person indemnity
  • Income replacement
  • Business overhead expenses
  • Debt liquidation
  • Non-qualified executive compensation
  • Charitable planning
  • Long term care

First, we learn about you. Who and what do you value? Your priorities shape your plan. What makes your world special? You need a plan that protects your family and living standards if the unexpected happens.

What are your current plans? Most of our clients have completed financial planning, but we review and recommend changes or additions where we see coverage gaps.

We assess the risks that affect your goals in aspirations, drawing upon three decades of experience. We quantify your risk, using analysis to assign numeric values for potential loss of income or equity to you, your family or business.

Next, we qualify your risk by considering these numeric results in the context of your priorities (your plan should protect first things first).

We can customize your plan to protect your family if you die too soon, require long term care or become disabled before retirement.

We can help ensure that your company survives and prospers in the event of death or disability of owners or key personnel. We can also improve your competitive position, by offering meaningful employee benefit plans to attract and retain superior employees.

Finally, we can help you retire on your schedule, while keeping your business intact.

Your estate should distribute assets in a timely, orderly fashion, based on your directions. This includes a careful review of costs associated with closure and payment of any settlement costs.

We want to establish long-term client relationships. After we create your plan, we'll check in on you from year to year, to make sure your situation and priorities haven't changed, and that your plan still works for you.

A true risk management plan does more than promote certain insurance companies or products – it's a customized plan driven by your needs. You can count on us to provide objective, unbiased counsel, to help you sort through your choices, and provide a safety net for you to pursue your goals.

To start the risk management planning process, or evaluate your current plan, contact one of the following individuals: