Learning About You

At DHG Agency, we build on the positive aspects of your current plan and recommend changes or additions when needed.

  • Who and what do you value? Discovering your priorities is the first step in crafting your risk management plan.
  • How is your world special? Your occupation, living standards and family status make your life unique. Risk Management is about crafting a plan that will allow you to remain in the world that you have worked so hard to create if the unexpected happens.
  • What are your current plans? Most of our clients have already made some plans to protect their financial futures.

Risk Assessment

Drawing upon three decades of experience in the industry, we assess the risks that may affect your goals and aspirations in two ways:

  • Quantifying your risks. By using an analytical approach, we can establish a numeric value for potential loss of income or equity to you, your family or your business.
  • Qualifying your risks. We then qualify these numeric results in light of your priorities and craft our solutions to put first things first.


The tools and techniques of risk management can sometimes seem complex and expensive. At DHG Agency, our goal is to design a clear plan that offers an apparent value proposition to our clients. To accomplish this, we represent our clients to many of the most reputable insurance providers in the country. And we take care of the task of sifting through their vast array of plans and product options. In essence, we can provide the blueprint as well as the brick-and-mortar of your Risk Management Plan.

Some of the tools and techniques that we might recommend may include:

Personal Plans that protect your loved ones if you:

  • Die too soon
  • Live too long, or
  • Become disabled along the way

Business Plans that:

  • Ensure your company not only survives but continues to prosper in the event of the death or disability of an owner or key person
  • Enable you to retire from your business on your timetable while keeping your business intact
  • Make your company competitive in attracting and retaining key employees by offering meaningful employee benefits at reasonable costs

Estate Plans that:

  • Distribute assets in an orderly and timely fashion based on your goals and objectives
  • Review and minimize the costs associated with the closure of your estate
  • Pay for remaining settlement costs in the most efficient manner
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    A Risk Management Plan should not simply be implemented and then put in a drawer. Our desire is to establish a long-term relationship with you. This means that we will check with you from year to year to make sure your circumstances and priorities haven’t changed and that your plan is still working for you. A true Risk Management Plan isn’t about promoting certain insurance products or companies. It’s about you and your needs. At DHG Agency, we are here to give you objective, unbiased counsel to help cut through the clutter of the vast array of options in the Risk Management field—and provide you a secure safety net along your path to continued success.